Islamic Calendar 2018| Hijri Calendar 1439

Insha Allah!! Here in this post, you are going to get about the Islamic 2018 Calendar in the Printable formats. You can easily download these themes on your device. You will get various new information about the Islamic calendar if you are reading it firstly.

Calendar “The tool to manage the time”. Now the question comes to your mind is that how? So here the answer to this question. The most powerful thing in this world is time. And the person who can manage the time can achieve everything in life. But the matter of fact is how can we manage time. What can help us to do that?? So the answer is one of the tools that can help us to do that is a calendar.  Yes, calendar. The calendar is one of the important parts of our life that we have been neglecting for a long time. As it can help us to manage the time.With the help of it we can plan the schedule and can do the work on time. As planning is the essence of management.

So it is like a cycle which begins from planning to manage the time and ends at the calendar. Quite different and new for uh guys. Because earlier we don’t even know that calendar can play this much important role in our life. As we all know India is a diverse country.  There are people with different caste, color, religion … Everyone is like a family no matters from which religion they belong to. Time is same for all but our perspective to it differs.  One of the cultures of this civilization is Islamic culture. Islamic culture is itself a term of unity. Yes, it is .. And how it is next to unity? There are lots of people from different  Muslim communities living in different countries which are united by this thread that is Islamic culture. So this unity is also maintained in case of their schedule and time. And to maintain this they adopted a similar calendar for all that is Makkah Calendar 1439.

Islamic Calendar 2018


2018 Islamic Calendar, Islamic 2018 Printable Calendar

The Islamic calendar is similar to the Gregorian calendar i.e,  it also has 12 months. It is based on the Ummul Qura System, Saudi Arabia and it covers Hijri years 1439 – 1440 AH.  The fact is Islamic calendar is based on the moon. So we can say that the movement of moon decides our movement. It is quite interesting as well as sarcastic that how the movement of the moon can control ours day to day activity. The answer is as simple as complicated the question is. So the logic behind this is the date of festival and events of Islamic culture is ascertained by the movement of the moon. This moment decides our day to day schedule which we can easily plan through a use of Islamic calendar.


Hijri Calendar 1439

Hijri Calendar 1439, Hijri 2018 Calendar


Basically, the use of these Hijri calendars is to get to know about the visibility of the new moon on some particular dates. It is all predictive, no one can give assurance but it is almost true. The main festival that we Muslims celebrate is the Ramadan month which is the really very pious month for us. Usually, it is celebrated on the same day all over the world but the main observation that is being considered before Ramadan is the visibility of the Moon.

If moon will be rising on the different time/day in one country and at the different time in another country then it will be started when the moon will be seen because this festival all depends upon the moon’s visibility. So check the image seen below for the prediction of the moon.


Arabic Calendar 2018

Below you will get the Arabic calendar in the printable format, you can easily download this calendar in your device and then you can print this thereafter you can keep it in your wallet or where ever you would like to store it.

These Islamic calendars are purely based on the moon, it is calculated from the revolution of the moon to the earth and the rotation of the earth to the sun.

Urdu Calendar 2018, Arabic 2018 Calendar

Here in the above calendar, you got the various information about the Islamic calendars, as well as you have got the printable templates for the Hijri Calendar, Arabic Calendar, Islamic Calendar. We hope we have shared our best content with you. If you want to ask us any query about this article’s content then please comment us in the comment box which is given below. We will revert you in very short time. Thanks.



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