2018 Printable Calendar with Australia Holidays

In this post, we have shared some amazing 2018 Australia Calendars in the different formats which will help you to manage your work and you will achieve your goals if you will regular use these calendars.

Calendar 2018 with Holidays Australia

These calendars are very useful and printable friendly. Save these calendars in your devices and then print it for the further use. Below this calendar, you will get all the information of the holidays for the 2k18 year.

Australia Calendar 2018

In Australia, the nature of public holidays is usually associated with two main factors which are statutes and industrial agreements and awards mostly. There are numerous public holidays too in Australia.

January 1st is considered as the New Year’s Day. On the 26th of January, Australia Day is being celebrated. The first Monday of the month March is considered as the Labour Day. The 2nd Monday of the month March is known as the eight hours day. On the 25th of April is the Easter Tuesday. On the 1st Monday in the month of May, the May Day is being celebrated. The 1st Monday in the month of June, the Western Australia Day is being celebrated. The Queen’s birthday on the 2nd Monday of the month June. On the 1st Monday of August, the picnic day is being celebrated. The family and the community day is being celebrated on the 1st Monday of the third term school holidays mostly in the months of September and October. On the 1st Tuesday of November is the Melbourne Cup. On the 26th of December, the proclamation day is being considered.

Coming to the Australia Day, it is on the 26th of January, This is because it is basically the day of evolvement of the first English settlement by Arthur Philip at Port Jackson in the year 1788. The ultimate winner of the Australian day is being announced by the prime minister of Australia on the 25th of January which is the eve of Australia day. This practice is been done since the year 1960. Now coming to the Labour Day celebrated in Australia, It was originated from the eight-hour movement which implies that an employer is supposed to do eight hours of proper work, eight hours of proper recreation and eight hours of proper rest and care. The Labour Day is also celebrated in various parts of the world, in different states and territories on different dates which vary as per the location and accordingly. Coming to Easter, usually, the Easter Days do differ from each other as per each year is concerned.  Coming to all the other holidays of Australia, On the 2nd Monday of the month March, the Canberra Day is being celebrated. Beforehand on the 3rd Monday of the March, it was being celebrated. On the 25th of April, Anzac Day is also being celebrated in Australia. This day is considered by remembering about the ones who had fought bravely during the wartime. It was basically in the memory of the Australian and the New Zealand police and people fighting in wars at the Gallipoli in Turkey in the world war one.  In case the Christmas day is on a Sunday or a Saturday, then a public holiday is also declared on the 27th of December and in case the boxing day which is on the 26th of December then a public holiday is also declared on the 27th of that particular month which is December.

Calendar 2018 Australia Holiday

This below is the list for the Australia holidays and after this, you will get the printable calendar of the Australia. If you want to know about the details of these holidays then have a look at the above article I think you have already read about this so the next thing that you should do is to print these calendars.

Below we have shared the printable calendar that will help you in designing your schedule and this will make you successful person.


Calendar 2018 Australia PDF

There is the highest demand for the PDF files because in these files you don’t have to make changes, Just downloading it once and then print that’s all.

Click on this link to get your PDF- Australia 2018 Calendar PDF

School Holiday Calendar Australia 2018

Students only wait for the holidays because these holidays are one of the best things that help them in enjoying but they have there a lot of busy schedules so that they don’t have any time to do fun. But students you can easily get to know about your holidays. You can also make some early plans for these holidays with the help of these calendars.


In this given post you have got various calendar in the printable formats which will help you to make your plans and schedules on the go. You can also edit these above calendars. If you have any question regarding the above content then please let us know through the comment box. We reply in the 6-12 working day hardly. Thanks

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